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Compact line for post-printing converting and finishing

The ICONVERT • LITE is the ideal compact solution for pre-printed labels. ICONVERT • LITE dedicated to labels die cutting and finishing.

The machine can receive as option web treatment systems, full varnish module and laminating or cold foil system.

Converting and finishing processes

  • Compact unwinder with predisposition for corona treatment.
  • Servo-rotary and semi-rotary cutting station.
  • Pressure gauge manometer in standard.
  • Optional gap adjustment system.
  • Waste matrix with pressure arm.
  • Razor blade slitting unit.
  • 1 or 2-shaft rewinders for simultaneous or alternating rewinding of finished products,

Printing processes and added value (options)

  • Flexo units available in mechanical rotary, servo rotary or semi-rotary servo versions.
  • UV / LED drying systems for the flexo station.
  • Laminating and cold foil.
  • Snow ball waste rewinder.
  • Semi automatic turret rewinder.
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