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Slitter rewinder

The easycontrol•lite automatic slitter rewinder is fully servo-driven and features taper tension control, web guide, a turret rewinder, meter and number of labels counting, static eliminator etc.
The ultimate configuration for high productivity and quality.

Unwinder & web guiding

Servo driven unwind for clockwise and anti-clockwise unwinding. Automatic tension control, end-of-roll detection, web guide, integrated splice table, 76mm unwind mandrel. Factory upgrade to unwind rolls with diam = 1000mm and a reel lift possible.

Automatic slitting

Automatically positioned slitting knifes that are easy to control form the user-interface, including edge-trimming. Maximum of 10 knifes allows for a wide range of slitting possibilities. Optionally add manual razor blade also.

Semi-auto turret

Semi-automatic 2-spindle turret which will turn automatically and lower a pressure arm upon reaching the counter set. Simple, effective and highly productive. Suitable for clockwise and anti-clockwise rewinding.


High-quality sensor – extra accessories needed for clear-on-clear material.

Web advance

The optional web advance comes with additional clamps. And is available for both the upper and lower rewind. The web advance can also function as a lay-on roller when rewinding filmic materials.

Single layer films

Suitable to rewind thin films with optional Core-Lock differential rewind shafts. Slip threshold can be controlled from the touchscreen user panel. Lay-on rollers avoid air-bubbles during rewinding.
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