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VEGA Braille Icontrol lite Braille

Digital Braille printing and converting solution

Basic principles of Braille

  • Developed in 1825 by the Frenchman Louis Braille
  • 6 dots, arranged in two columns of three dots
  • Some differences between the individual national languages
  • Experienced readers can read 100 words per minute, readers who can see about 250 to 300 words per minute
EN 15823 as recommendation for the pharmaceutical and packaging industries
VEGA Tetes de Brailles

Principles of the Vega Braille developed with HHS Baumer technology XTEND 3

Principle of operation

  • By means of head equipped with 6 electrically actuated valves, a low viscosity UV varnish is applied in dot form and raised on a substrate and subsequently cured.
  • Each printing head can print 2 lines of Braille simultaneously, typeface Marburg Medium
  • Application head can be temperature-controlled in order to regulate the varnish viscosity and keep it constant

UV varnish

  • The UV varnish hardens by means of a chemical reaction (polymerization), excited by a UV lamp, to form a hard film.
  • A servo compensation trolley, during the machine stop process, will pool the web back and forward under the UV section in order to have no waste.


  • Print on demand, no artwork or tooling 
  • Integrate software
  • Fast Set up time and no waste…
Tableau braille
a : 2,5 mm – b : 2,5 mm – c : 6 mm between two characters – d : 12 mm hyphenation – e : 10 mm line spacing
VEGA braille Chariot de compensation
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