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Our mission

  • To Inspire and develop the products identification of tomorrow,
  • Designing innovative, multi-process modular solutions for finishing and embellishment of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging.

Our area of expertise

  • Finishing and value-added solutions incorporating flat screen printing as well as differentiation and converting modules such as hot foil stamping, embossing, flexography, variable data printing, die-cutting (flat, rotary, semi-rotary),
  • Converting and post-digital printing finishing solutions,
  • Die-cutting and converting solutions for the blank labels market,
  • Slitting, Control and inspection machine solutions,
  • RFID/NFC insertion, control and encoding solutions,
  • On-demand engineering and design of special modules for tailored applications.
À propose de l'entreprise SMAG Graphique à Savigny sur Orge

Founded in 1980

Manufacturing machines and engineering solutions for the label industry and flexible packaging since its creation

Based in Savigny-Sur-Orge - France

20 km south of Paris

50% of sales are international

Joined the Rhyguan group in 2023

Continuous Innovation

SMAG has developed the «Label Identification Technology (LIT)» concept.

The need to facilitate the flow of information between products, consumers and automated systems has led to the development of smart and uniquely identifiable products through the use of intelligent labels by means of digital identification.

The ICONNECT line is SMAG solution to the challenge of converting finished labels into intelligent labels through the incorporation of RFID technology.

Label Identification Technology (LIT-RFID) is the RFID development division of SMAG-GRAPHIQUE Americas, dedicated to engineering machine based firmware and software solutions, that allows for hardware automation and control to enable full interaction between our RFID labels converting equipment, to control, serialize, inventory and encode UHF-RFID and NFC labels.

Faced with new issues challenges in the packaging world, SMAG wants to rise to the task and lead the development of engineered solutions for brands looking to invest in more virtuous solutions that respect collective societal issues and bring balance combining intelligence between machine and operator. 

The new ICON and EASYCON platforms fit perfectly into this program:

  • Reduction of set-up times and material optimization to reduce waste,
  • Rationalization of production for optimal use of resources,
  • Total modularitý of equipment design, to facilitate upgrades and ensure long-term use of equipment,
  • Process automation and improved ergonomics to facilitate operators’ work and reduce risks,
  • Environmentally conscious design to Reduced emissions, use of less polluting consumables, LED technology…,
  • Intelligent machines, compatible with the majoritý of ERP systems for production optimization.

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