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Multi-process platform for inspection and reconditioning

The ICONTROL line is dedicated to the control, inspection and finishing of labels and flexible packaging. The ICONTROL line integrates a wide variety of modules from the ICON platform.

The ICONTROL line is infinitely combinable, for tailored solutions to every market application. This platform is also modular and compatible with all ICONCEPT and ICONVERT modules.

Converting and finishing processes

  • Compact or large unwinders with 3 available diameters (850 / 1000 / 1200mm) with ultrasonic web guide.
  • Wide choice of slitting units with interchangeable cassette for shear knives or razors, pressure knives, underscoring, or shear knives with automatic positioning.
  • Single and dual shaft rewinders for simultaneous or alternating rewinding of finished products.
  • Semi-automatic rewinder with 2-shafts.

100% control and inspection options

  • From simple visual inspection with cells to 100% camera inspection…
  • Splice detection and flag detection.
  • Visualization, inspection and control module. Includes a second inspection table equipped with 2 pneumatic clamps and a trash rewind shaft.
  • 100% inspection by BST Nyquist or EL camera (or other models), for control of printing, color variation, variable data…

Variable data printing options

  • Double-sided printing, marking and numbering modules. 
  • Inkjet printing modules with UV or LED curing.
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