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Intelligent labels converting solution

RFID encoding and control line (UHF AND HF)

The ICONNECT from the ICON Platform, is also part of the L.I.T (Label Identification Technology) program developed by SMAG Graphique with the aim of being the pioneer and most advanced partner in the world of the intelligent label industry.

ICONNECT is a multi-process platform designed to meet the needs of both OEMs and label printers, offering them new market opportunities by providing solutions for on-line inventory management, traceability and product identification.
Depending on the options selected, the ICONNECT-E RFID encoding and control line enables to:

  • Check print quality with a 100% 4K inspection camera.
  • Check the position of the inlay under the label with a 100% 4K inspection camera.
  • Check RFID inlay quality (UHF and HF).
  • Print a data matrix code or any other variable data from a database.
  • Encode the RFID inlay (UHF and HF) from a database.
  • Encode the RFID inlay from variable data printed and read on-line.
  • Control the final encoding process, mark defective tags, destroy defective inlays, stop defective tags on
    a splicing table.

Base machine

  • Unwinder with pneumatic mandrel and powder brake. 
  • Ultrasonic web guide.
  • Predisposition for RFID inlay quality control.
  • Predisposition for encoding process.
  • Predisposition for encoding control.
  • Servo-driven infeed.
  • HMI touch screen to control machine functions and parameters. 
  • Motorized rewinder with pneumatic mandrel.

Additional processes available for controlling and managing defaults tags

  • Predisposition for 100% inspection camera.
  • 100% inspection camera (EL or BST).
  • RFID reader for RFID chip quality control (HF and UHF).
  • Marking system for labels containing a defective RFID chip. 
  • System for destroying defective RFID chips.
  • Connection table for removing defective tags.

Additional processes available for variable data printing, encoding and controlling the encoding

  • Data matrix or variable data code printing system.
  • Optical reader for data matrix or variable data codes.
  • RFID reader (HF and UHF) for encoding process and control of variable data.
Label Identification Technology (LIT-RFID) is the RFID development division of SMAG-GRAPHIQUE Americas, dedicated to engineering machine based firmware and software solutions, that allows for hardware automation and control to enable full interaction between our RFID labels converting equipment, to control, serialize, inventory and encode UHF-RFID and NFC labels.
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