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Inspection Rewinder


Multi-functional label die cutting machine

The Icontrol Lite (also named C4R+) is a Inspection slitter rewinder and offer the following features :

  • Slit with large choice of slitting solutions.
  • Inspect, by using cells or 100% inspection camera, and stop
    defects on a splicing table.
  • Rewind rolls, on a single shaft, dual shafts or with a semi automatic turret rewinder, with a pre-selected length or number of labels.

Check out the technical specifications below

The Icontrol lite D (COMET+) offers multiple functions:

  • Inspection rewinder with rotary die-cutting station(s)
    (from 1 to 3 die-cutting stations).
  • Printing via rotary flexo station(s), label die-cutting and converting (reel-to-reel or reel-to-sheet).

Each machine configuration is available in two widths, 350 mm and 420 mm, and is also completely modular and upgradeable.

Check out the technical specifications below

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