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Multi-process ICON platform ICONCEPT for value-added printing, finishing and converting

The ICONCEPT is the most advanced product line from the ICON multi-process platform, incorporating a wide choice of printing and converting modules fully servo-driven, independent in terms of repeat length, automatic registration systems and web motion.

It is infinitely adaptable, for solutions tailored to every market application. The platform is also modular and mature, with worldwide references from leading label printers.

Finishing and converting processes

  • Compact or extended unwinders diameters (850 / 1000 / 1200) mm.
  • Pre-equipment on unwinder to receive corona treatment and web cleaner.
  • Die cutting unit in servo-rotary and semi-rotary versions, or DGV-type flatbed.
  • Waste matrix with pressure arm and Snowball system.
  • Visualization, 100% inspection and control module with a wide range of cameras available.
  • Wide choice of slitting units with interchangeable cassette for shear knives, razors blades, pressure knives, underscoring, or shear knives with automatic positioning.
  • Single and dual shaft rewinders for simultaneous or alternating rewinding of finished products.
  • Semi-automatic rewinder with 2-shafts.
  • Non-stop 2-shafts rewinder with automatic gluing system.
  • Roll to sheet output with conveyor.

Printing processes and added value

  • Flexo units available in mechanical rotary, rotary servo or semi-rotary servo versions with UV / LED / hot air / IR drying systems.
  • Delam / relam for flexo printing on adhesive side.
  • Laminating and cold foil stamping.
  • Inkjet printing for variable data.
  • SP flatbed screen printing with UV / LED / hot air / IR air / IR.
  • Silk-foil printing process (heat lamination of foil after screen printing).
  • HGV flatbed foil and embossing with foil saver.
  • Optional rotating head on the flat bed hot stamping HGV module for transversal foil.
  • Flat embossing type EGV.
  • Semi-rotary hot foil stamping with foil saver.
  • Applications modules for coupon labels, booklets and labels dispensing.
  • Parts removing system.
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