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Mobile Trim Blower
Cleaning fountain


Roll lifter

Roll lifter for handling reels (adhesive material, cardboard, film, aluminum, complex…), loading and unloading on machine.
It reduces the difficultý and prevents any accidents that may occur when handling reels.

Several models are available with different lift heights that can accept different reels diameters and weights (refer to the table below).

LEV outils

Roll and tools lifter

Based on the 1960 mm roll lifter (LBB 1960), but additionally equipped with a hoist for handling die cutting cylinders. 

Please specify to your sales contact the cutting cylinders features to be handled in order to adapt the hooks of the hoist.


Mobile Trim Blower

Mobile powerful trim blower with high airflow. 

This equipment is highly efficient for vacuuming the edges from all printing, die-cutting and converting machines.

Fontaine de lavage pour accessoires d’impression

Cleaning fountain for printing accessories

The cleaning fountain is specially designed for the cleaning of printing cylinders, ink trays, ink rollers, silkscreen frames… (all types of inks).

Its large washing tank is entirely made of stainless steel and also includes a storage area at the bottom and lateral anti-projection ink guard.

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