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Inspection rewinder

The easycontrol is a fully servo advanced inspection slitter rewinder with excellent tension control suitable for label stock and thin film material.

The optical camera can recognize and record all defects, while the print flow manager allows the rewinder to stop the defect right on top of the inspection table.
Available in width of 330mm, 450mm and 520mm.

Unwinder & web guiding

Servo driven unwind for clockwise and anti-clockwise unwinding. Automatic tension control, end-of-roll detection, web guide, integrated splice table, 76mm Unwind mandrel. Factory upgrade to unwind rolls with diam of 1000mm and a reel.

Visual table

Movable 2nd splice table with clamps to preserve web tension. Faulty labels will stop right on this inspection table automatically. Take corrective actions by replacing a label or by rewinding larger amount of waste via a rewinder.


SMAG via the Easycontrol offers standard shear slitting with rotary knifes, automatic slitting knifes, razor blade slitting. A set of dual nip rollers ensures perfect tension in the slitting area. Remove edges after slitting with the suction engine.


Servo driven single shaft, dual shafts or semi-automatic rewinder for clockwise and anti-clockwise rewinding with stable and servo-controlled tension. Possible to add automatically controlled differential rewind shafts.

Web advance

Optional. The web advance can also function as a lay-on roller when rewinding filmic materials.
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