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S-L 330/420 (Standard 90 m/min and Lite 60 m/min) Flexo Varnish and Die cutting for Digital converting solution

The easyconvert is a perfect solution for high speed, high quality converting and finishing. Features winding, cold foiling, super varnishing, Semi/full flexo printing, semi/full rotary die cutting and slitting.
The optimal solution for high productivity. Fully servo driven.

Unwinder & web guiding

Servo driven unwind for clockwise and anti-clockwise unwinding. Automatic tension control, end-of-roll detection, web guide, integrated splice table, 76mm unwind mandrel. Factory upgrade to unwind rolls with diam = 1000mm and a reel lift possible.

Semi/full rotary flexo

Independent Servo driven with auto pre-positioning, and registration. Standard equipped with Z152 print cylinder. Optional childrum, standard or LED curing. Semi-rotary print lengths 50mm – 386mm and full rotary print lengths: 190.5mm – 482mm.

Cold foil & super varnish

Optional full or semi-rotary cold foil, in combination with UV standard or LED curing. Can be used for super varnish.

Semi/full rotary die cutting with snowball waste rewinder

Independent servo driven with Z152 die-cut cylinder and anvil and counter pressure cylinder. Auto pre-positioning, and registration. Semi-rotary die-cut lengths: 50mm – 386mm and full rotary: 190.5mm – 482mm. Dispro compensation as standard.

Slitting options

Add shear slitting knifes. Increase productivity with automatic shear slitting to control the knifes from the user-interface. Optional further automation and razorblades.

Rewinding options

Standard single rewind. Upgrade to dual rewind, or a semi-automatic turret for optimal productivity.

IML system

IML die-cutting system designed for easy installation and removal. Static eliminator in label output collection table works with counter and stepless speed regulation.
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