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Our team - François de Mareschal

13 July 2021

This month, we invite you to discover the profile of François de Mareschal, our Automation Engineering Apprentice!

His job at SMAG Graphique consists in connecting our machines to our customers' information systems to enable them to:

- Monitor machines live,

- Have production indicators,

- Identify regular tasks to save time on configuration,

- Integrate these indicators and other data into their ERP,

- etc.

He is also working on a new innovative system that will bring real added value to our solutions. We will tell you more about this project very soon!

François De Mareschal joined us in October 2020 on a work-study basis to complete his Master's Degree in  the Management of Information and Decision Systems, and he specializes in Computer Security of connected objects. He is preparing within the French school ESIEE-IT. We will have the chance to welcome him one more year , and we can't wait to tell you more about the project he is working on!

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