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Collaboration between SMAG Graphique and BST: David TONDU tells you all about the inspection modules available on the ICON range!

14 May 2021

BST is one of SMAG Graphique's privileged partners in the development of our control and inspection solutions. BST offers different modules that are an integral part of our ICON range, especially on the ICONTROL solution.

Our Marketing Manager Hibat had the pleasure to interview David TONDU, Territory Service & Sales Manager at BST Eltromat International, about the collaboration between SMAG Graphique and BST, as well as about the BST solutions that you can find on our ICON range. We invite you to read their exchange below.

Hibat - How long have BST and SMAG Graphique been working together?

David -BST has been collaborating with SMAG Graphique for more than 15 years. BST being a supplier of video inspection solutions and more particularly of quality control systems (100% inspection). About 6 years ago, SMAG was one of the very first partners to trust and promote the TubeScan Digital Strobe in Europe.

Hibat -What is the product range proposed by BST today, and therefore by SMAG Graphique on the ICON platform?

David -Today BST can offer through SMAG Graphique a wide range of systems:

  • Tubescan : 100% inspection system ranging from 250mm to 530mm for possible resolutions between 2000 and 5000 pixels. For some applications such as variable data reading, the pixel size can be as small as 0.055mm.
  • PowerScope 5000 : simple video camera system allowing HD visualization of the moving web.
  • Teknek : belt cleaner.

Hibat - Quels sont les avantages concurrentiels de BST sur le marché des caméras 100% ?

David -To date, BST has clearly positioned itself as the major leader in 100% inspection for the label and flexible packaging industry. This leadership position has been achieved over the past few years through :

1. To the most compact system on the market ;

2. To a unique hardware and software platform that is fully adaptive and can respond precisely to each user. Each system can be specifically configured according to the needs of the production :

  • Lighting : Diffusive, UV, Backlight, Contour Light
  • Software : Dimension monitoring, Color monitoring (LAB), Barcode reading and analysis, Variable data reading and analysis, Master/PDF comparison, Workflow, Regions of interest, Reports ...
  • Width : 250 / 350 / 430 / 530
  • Resolution : 2000 / 2500 / 4000 / 5000 pixels

3. An R&D competence center with continuous new innovations that makes TubeScan the reference system in the market.

4. To an available, efficient and organized customer service to support the territories as close as possible to the users.

Hibat -What is your positioning in terms of 4.0 technology?

David -The 4.0 technology is central to BST's management vision and our recent innovations allow us to believe that we are already actively helping our customers to enter the 4.0 INDUSTRY era! The concept of the 4.0 industry, or industry of the future, corresponds to a new way of organizing the means of production :

  • Our QLink WorkFlow solution gives our customers the opportunity to think differently about their production by creating a digital link between the different stages of production.
  • The centralization and provision of detailed production data via our Quality Assistant or QLink Editor software.
  • The analysis of variable data on production line

Of course, our R&D engineers are currently working on many strategic and projects that are still confidential.

A central point of our development is to use the concept of artificial intelligence to improve our detection algorithms and make the systems autonomous.

Hibat -What is your level of compatibility with the ERP systems on the market?

David -The possibility of connecting our systems to an ERP system is an important request from many of our customers. That is why we have worked with CERM, which is the reference ERP in our sector, to develop together a bidirectional communication gateway which is already available. We are also actively working with Hybride Software on joint developments. Specific developments to communicate to a proprietary ERP is a possible service.

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